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An unexpected headline…

Birds hold “funerals” for dead I saw the above headline this morning while reviewing the news, a story on the BBC website. Perhaps it is an overstatement to call a gathering of Jays a funeral, but it is still a … Continue reading

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NFDA Editorial: Where do the families you serve buy their shoes?

Ed Defort, editor of The Director magazine was kind enough to run an editorial piece I wrote in the May 2012 issue. The Director is the monthly periodical produced by the National Funeral Directors Association. I wrote the piece to … Continue reading

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Facebook and Funerals

A reminder I think that there is so much more to LIVING, than hanging out in front of a screen.

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Before I die…a simple, and thought provoking art project

I stumbled across this video clip on MSNBC this morning. I’m wondering if I could get this to happen in the Fall River/New Bedford area in the Spring. Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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Long After We are Gone–The Legacy of Jim Thorpe’s Remains

As I drove to our Fairhaven location this morning, I listened to a news story on NPR regarding the ongoing controversy between a Pennsylvania town named Jim Thorpe–which received received the remains of the great athlete back in the 1950′s–and … Continue reading

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The “L” in “Love”

Last night I watched “Into the Woods”, Steven Sondheim’s amazing nursery rhyme musical. He captures in that story, the weird complexity of life and hopes and wishes and unintended consequences. The music, the words resonate with me and they have … Continue reading

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