FuneralWords is an online conversation with the friends of Hathaway Family Funeral Homes.

You will find news, thoughts, and ideas related to Hathaway as well as information related to the many choices which accompany making funeral arrangements.

Postings will come directly from the President of Hathaway, William “BT” Hathaway. He has over 20 years of direct experience in funeral directing, as well as a lifetime of growing up in and around the family business. If you have a specific question or need, do not hesitate to leave an email message or posting on this site.

[Please note that any inquiry of an emergency nature should go directly to our toll free number, 800-259-1893. There you will receive immediate attention by an on-call funeral director.]

Other information about Hathaway can be found at our company website.

You can reach me at funeralwords@hathawayfunerals.com.

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