Neil Armstrong 1930 – 2012

I’m just young enough that the first Apollo mission rests in a vague place in my memory. I was traveling the day Neil Armstrong took those first steps and can only remember someone pointing to a television in the lobby and telling what the fuzzy black and white images meant.

But he and those that followed certainly made their mark in my childhood. I remember model rockets and “space” toys that my grandparents would bring back from Florida in those days and later I couldn’t get enough information about the Shuttle as they began to design and build that amazing machine.

So let me say thank you and god bless to the family and friends who supported Neil Armstrong and many like him who made the crazy dream of space travel emerge into my life and the lives of billions around the world.

May his passing provide that next level of determination we need to proceed with further explorations of the heavens.

Memorial information about Neil Armstrong can be found here.

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