The “L” in “Love”

Last night I watched “Into the Woods”, Steven Sondheim’s amazing nursery rhyme musical. He captures in that story, the weird complexity of life and hopes and wishes and unintended consequences. The music, the words resonate with me and they have helped me over the years to reflect upon myself so that I haven’t remained quite so stuck in the past.

Thank you Steven Sondheim for helping me through the “woods” whatever your wish or intention in knitting together your story from the images of so many childhoods.

Which believe it or not, leads me to “love”. I won’t bore you with the the details of what brings me from one to the other. Just suffice it to say that I have learned that to live well is to know how to love well and for today, I have challenged myself to think about the “L” in “love” and what that letter might stand for in my heart.

I think I have an answer, and I will return here to post the rest of my thoughts later. But in the mean time if you happen to stumble across this post, do not hesitate to slow down and think deeply today about the “L” in love and what it means to YOU. Do not hesitate as well to leave your reflections here for others to find. Life can be a long journey and love shared in whatever form (even comments posted on a blog) can often make all the difference in the world.

And what does this have to do with funerals? Simple, funerals matter most when there is love in a relationship. Meaning that at death there is SO much more to lose AND SO MUCH MORE TO CHERSH and remember. So reflect on love today and every day. Think it. Find it. Know it. Live it. Express it. Teach it. Receive it. And live it once again. There is so little time, and in our cluttered busy world the deep and meaningful stuff can so easily get forgotten or left behind.

Today is the only June 18, 2011 (or whatever day you stumble upon this post) you will EVER have. Make it the best day that could possibly come to pass. Live well and love deeply and often. That is a legacy worth living. That is a legacy worth sharing and one day remembering when that “all is said and done” time comes. And it does come far sooner than we ever hope or imagine.

Live well today.


BT Hathaway

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One Response to The “L” in “Love”

  1. BT says:

    My “L” word is “listening”, that is the deep seated, full-context, really understand the other person kind of listening which doesn’t project from oneself. The kind of listening which lets the other person be the fullest version of themselves.

    But of course, this begins by having someone worthy of hearing. Not everyone deserves this kind of attention and care, but for those who really matter in your life, full-context listening is one of the greatest gifts you can give.