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Do Not Take Passwords to the Grave

I think an article on MSN Money sums up an important issue for everyone to consider in this electronic world. Make sure you write down your user-names and passwords for computers and online accounts so that someone you trust can … Continue reading

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Ron Gaudreau and his ’55 Bel Air

Today we honor Ron Gaudreau at our Robeson Street location. He was a huge car enthusiast and we had his 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air in front of the funeral home and in the procession this morning, a very fitting tribute … Continue reading

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The Importance of Consumer Ratings

The web has become an important crossroads for businesses of all kinds. Much more than ever before, having an accessible link on Google or one of the other search engines makes all the difference in people’s ability to find our … Continue reading

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The Truth About Grief

Elizabeth Kubler-Ross may have transformed the American outlook on grief and loss with her book “On Death and Dying”, and there is no question that her work led to many refinements in the way the health system deals with death … Continue reading

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Fairhaven High School S.A.F.E. Project

Here are several pictures from a mock accident staged at the Fairhaven High School to help discourage driving under the influence at prom time. We were asked to provide a hearse for the scene and you will see our managing … Continue reading

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Blogging = Conversation Welcome to the Hathaway Family Funeral Homes weblog, called FuneralWords. For now this page will act as a placeholder, but as revisions to the Hathaway website¬†come together over the Summer, you will find these postings incorporated into … Continue reading

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A Funeral on “Glee”

What a surprise to find a funeral played out on the often snarky Fox Television program Glee. Thankfully they left the snark behind and did a beautiful job remembering “Jean”, a woman with special needs who had played as the … Continue reading

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