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NFDA Editorial: Where do the families you serve buy their shoes?

Ed Defort, editor of The Director magazine was kind enough to run an editorial piece I wrote in the May 2012 issue. The Director is the monthly periodical produced by the National Funeral Directors Association. I wrote the piece to … Continue reading

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Hathaway–It all began in a garage…

My great grandfather began his “undertaking” in 1893 out of a little garage in Somerset, Massachusetts. Look past the young man (probably my grandfather as a teen) in the driveway and you’ll see the pitch of the roof to that … Continue reading

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You, dead, are so much better than anyone else alive.

The following letter appeared on a site called Letters of Note: Correspondence Deserving a Wider Audience. It is the words of the famous teacher and physicist Richard Feynman to his deceased wife. Deeply touching, and a reminder of the range … Continue reading

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The Descendants

We in funeral service talk about grief as if it fits in one tidy little definition which goes something like this–someone dies, we have to say good-bye with visitations and funerals, we feel hurt and sad for a long time (and sometimes … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs has died…

I saw the headline last night on my iPad. Steve Jobs, founder of Apple Inc., the man who single-mindedly shaped the most iconic products I have owned over the last 10 years has passed–and his energy will never grace the … Continue reading

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Long After We are Gone–The Legacy of Jim Thorpe’s Remains

As I drove to our Fairhaven location this morning, I listened to a news story on NPR regarding the ongoing controversy between a Pennsylvania town named Jim Thorpe–which received received the remains of the great athlete back in the 1950′s–and … Continue reading

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Why didn’t she seem to grieve?

Every once in a while I will hear the question posed in the title above and up till recently I did not have a particularly good answer. I had been taught through the writings of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross and others that … Continue reading

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The “L” in “Love”

Last night I watched “Into the Woods”, Steven Sondheim’s amazing nursery rhyme musical. He captures in that story, the weird complexity of life and hopes and wishes and unintended consequences. The music, the words resonate with me and they have … Continue reading

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