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An unexpected headline…

Birds hold “funerals” for dead I saw the above headline this morning while reviewing the news, a story on the BBC website. Perhaps it is an overstatement to call a gathering of Jays a funeral, but it is still a … Continue reading

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Parents Devotion to a Dying Infant — Avery’s Bucket List

What would you do if you had an infant who might not live to her second birthday? Many might get lost in sorrow. But this family has chosen a completely different path. They created a bucket list for their infant … Continue reading

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Contemplating Mortality, Facing the Challenges at the End of Life

What if we understand death as a developmental stage — like adolescence or mid-life? Dr. Ira Byock is a leading figure in palliative care and hospice in the United States. He says we lose sight of “the remarkable value” of … Continue reading

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Using iBooks Author to Select Prayer Cards

My family has adopted many innovations over the years to improve our quality of service. Here’s an example of our most recent innovation, an eBook designed with iBooks Author so that we can present prayer cards on an iPad. To … Continue reading

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The Descendants

We in funeral service talk about grief as if it fits in one tidy little definition which goes something like this–someone dies, we have to say good-bye with visitations and funerals, we feel hurt and sad for a long time (and sometimes … Continue reading

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Before I die…a simple, and thought provoking art project

I stumbled across this video clip on MSNBC this morning. I’m wondering if I could get this to happen in the Fall River/New Bedford area in the Spring. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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9/11 — How well did we cope?

Like other tragedies involving mass fatalities (such as the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire in 1911), psychologists have sought to gain understanding about grief and grieving by studying the after-effects of the 9/11 attack. Ruth Davis Konigsberg has summarized these findings in … Continue reading

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Arlington National Cemetery App

Arlington National Cemetery is impressive and solemn and grand. I have visited several times over the years and I never come away less than impressed by the size and precision and beauty of the place. I wish I could say … Continue reading

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A Funeral on “Glee”

What a surprise to find a funeral played out on the often snarky Fox Television program Glee. Thankfully they left the snark behind and did a beautiful job remembering “Jean”, a woman with special needs who had played as the … Continue reading

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